Dellner Glass Solutions acquires exclusive UK and European manufacturing licence of Armour Systems Showcase products.

Posted 14th June 2022

Dellner Glass Solutions has announced the acquisition, under exclusive manufacturing license, of world-class museum display case products designed by Milton Keynes based Armour Systems Ltd for projects covering the UK and Europe. The Armour Systems showcase ranges Nova, Vision and Proframe will be sold under the Dellner Glass Solutions brand and manufactured by two group companies, Dellner-Romag Ltd a specialist laminated glass processor from its 70,000 sq ft plant in Consett and Percy Lane Products Ltd in Tamworth from its 90,000 sq ft factory. Combined, these two established firms have over 150 years’ manufacturing experience employing highly skilled work forces programming ‘state of the art’ machinery and software. The seventy staff in Staffordshire produce precise multi metal fabrications and a further sixty-five in County Durham produce flat, curved and complex glass shapes to fulfil orders in the architectural, rail and transport sectors.

Andrew Gascoigne and Yvette Crowley, Directors of Armour Systems Ltd said; “The principles and values instilled in the Dellner Glass Solutions culture align perfectly with ours, and this license agreement allows us to focus on system design, prototyping and development as our existing technical, production and installation teams themselves transfer across to the Dellner Glass Solutions teams. It’s a terrific partnership and great news for showcase buyers working on projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East ”

Adam Shaylor, Head of Sales UK & EMEA at Dellner Glass Solutions Architectural Division said; “This agreement marks a significant achievement for Dellner Group as we launch Dellner Glass Solutions as an innovative glass manufacturing brand.  Leveraging the established brand of Armour Systems as a leading display and showcase manufacturer to sell our high-performance glazing systems is a significant step forward in Dellner Glass Solutions future. We are delighted to partner with such a well trusted and leading brand.” 

Mikael Petersson, CEO at Dellner Glass Solutions said; “This agreement and longer-term outright purchase of the licensed products allows the legacy of the Armour Systems proven showcase ranges to instil consumer confidence and recognition with Dellner Glass Solutions quality and innovative products. We are proud to represent the Armour Systems brand and bring these showcase products into the Dellner family.”

ABOUT Armour Systems

Our teams at Armour Systems + Museum Workshop bring together a unique combination of skills and experience. From offering the best preservation and safe display advice, to developing a back-of-envelope sketch into a fully engineered, original case design, we put our clients objects at the heart of what we do.

We believe in a holistic approach to conservation. For us that means staying connected to the latest technologies and thinking. We constantly challenge what has come before to make sure the products we sell are of the highest quality, meeting the standards of the profession.

Our commitment to design and innovation drives our manufacturing and we work with partners from museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the world in the task of protecting and displaying valuable materials and fine art collections.

In the manufacture of advanced exhibition showcases, that same commitment to innovation is driven through our Armour Systems facility in Bletchley. Here, our capability in precision engineering and complex electronic systems is founded on the technical expertise and world-class reputations of the hi-tech industries located in this part of the UK.

The Museum Workshop brand provides a comprehensive object mounting and display facility to our museum clients. We aim to provide a sensitive, flexible and craftsman-like approach to the display of museum collections, working together with museum designers, curators and conservators.