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Stanley Gibbons 1c Magenta Stamp

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In 2021 the renowned stamp dealer Stanley Gibbons purchased the rare 1c British Guiana magenta stamp with the intention of displaying this object for all to see in their flagship store on the Strand. Armour Systems were commissioned to create a custom museum showcase and mount for this special object.  

3D scan

To create a highly accurate mount for the stamp to sit safely within the museum showcase the team travelled down to the Strand to 3D scan the object to gather the stamp’s size and shape. This process involved placing the stamp at an angle to ensure the scanner could capture the entire circumference with limited interaction with the object. The team then used the scan to laser cut the acrylic to the stamp’s exact measurements. 

The museum showcase

The showcase is a bespoke single object case with a smaller non-oxygen case within. The stamp will sit in this non-oxygen environment permanently in order to reduce the risk of deterioration. The case has been designed so that the viewer can view both sides of the stamp.

The installation

The team installed the museum showcase and mount on Tuesday 26 October with representations from Stanley Gibbons and their partner Showpiece present to witness the stamp moving into its permanent home.  


“The team at Armour Systems have been fantastic to work with. They have the technical know-how to create a display solution for your item whilst also appreciating and respecting its value, rarity and history. The final cabinet maintains a style that suits our brand whilst also providing a safe and secure home for the world's most expensive stamp”

Graham Shircore, Stanley Gibbons CEO Tweet
Stanley Gibbons 399 The Strand, London
Photography credit: Andy Lamb

“One of the nicest things about working with Armour Systems was the visible enthusiasm and excitement that they had for the project. From creating the oxygen free environment to perfecting the final look of the cabinet they were on the journey with us 100%. And when you are displaying a unique item that is steeped in history and worth millions that is exactly what you need.”

James Coulbault, Stanley Gibbons Head of Marketing Tweet

The stamp can now be viewed at 399 Strand from Monday 8 November to Saturday 18 December 2021.